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Irco Automation Mini Gantry Submerged Arc Welding System

  • Part #: NTS 36523

Irco Automation Mini Gantry Submerged Arc Welding System

  • Welding Gantry, Variable speed travel w/ dual synchronized drives (travels on 4” wide tube rail)
  • Two manual carriages for horizontal alignment, 36” of travel
  • Each carriage includes a 3’ powered vertical slide
  • Two mounting brackets to mount weld control units
  • Two Drum shelves for bulk takeoff, also features spool holders for coil or spool wire delivery
  • 5’ of daylight clearance between uprights
  • 68” from bottom of side beam to floor, welding height available from ground to 48” above floor
  • Remote hand pendant as well as control from main panel
    • Auto/Manual control of arc, travel, direction, vertical powered slides
    • High speed return
  • Input power: 460V, 3-PH, 13 amp
  • Serial # 36523
  • Designed for submerged arc welding on I beams or H beams
  • Welding equipment available at additional cost
  • Optional Pandjiris Cross Slides available at additional cost

This Irco Automation Mini Gantry Submerged Arc Welding System is for welding longitudinally along structural beams. Furthermore this new system was originally outfitted with Miller sub arc equipment for factory demonstrations. In addition, dual carriages allows this Irco system to longitudinally weld both sides of an I-beam or H-beam simultaneously. Powered vertical slides with 3’ of travel make changing between beam sizes a breeze. With motorized gantry travel on 4” tube rail this system is capable of welding any length beams. This system is brand new and is ready to be outfitted with sub arc equipment! Great Value!!!

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