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ESAB Versotrac EWT 1000


New ESAB Versotrac EWT 1000

  • Max Current: 1000 Amps
  • 4 – 78.7 IPM travel speed
  • 1.6 Gallon Flux Capacity
  • 354.3″ Wire Feed Speed
  • Single and Twin wire configurations available
  • 1,000A at 100% duty cycle
  • Improved EAC10 controller
    • Streamlined interface
    • Real-time heat input
    • Control pendant
  • Compatible with inverter based and conventional power sources (Both ESAB and other brands)
  • PDF Brochure

Optional Accessories

  • Versoarc EWH 1000 Welding Head (SAW Twin Head Speed)
  • Versoarc EWH 1000 Welding Head (SAW)
  • Versoarc EWH 600 (GMAW)

The most flexible and versatile tractor on the market! 

The ESAB Versotrac EWT 1000 is a modularized system where the tractor can be disassembled into smaller units, carried separately and is easily transported. It also has a robust wire feed mechanism that can weld mild steel wire up to 5 mm up to 1000A @ 100%. The automatic weld head detection and setup lets you change between SAW, GMAW, and gouging in no time. The ESAB Versotrac EWT 1000 is introducing an all new ergonomic handling system for welding wire spools, making wire changes easy. Furthermore, it comes with an intuitive user interface with real0time heat input, keeping you in control of all the weld.

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