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ESAB A6 Mastertrac Welding Tractor


ESAB A6 Mastertrac Welding Tractor

  • Self-propelled, 4WD, automatic welding machine
  • Available in single or twin arc welding
  • 4 – 79 IPM travel speed
  • Wire diameter dimensions:
    • 1/8 – 1/4″ (Single SAW)
    • 2×3/32-1/8″ (Twin SAW)
  • 2.6 gallon flux capacity
  • 8″ – 157.5″ per minute wire feed speed
  • 66 lb wire spool capacity
  • Weight: 242.5 lbs
  • PDF Fact Sheet 

4WD Sub Arc Tractor! 

The ESAB A6 Mastertrac Welding Tractor is a quick set-up for different workpieces. The tractor is suitable for heavy production welding with capacity for up to 0.24 in. wire using 1500A direct or alternating current. It is designed for use with LAF (DC), TAF (AC), and ARISTO-1000 AC/DC welding power sources. Able to weld mild steel and aluminum sold or cored wore by modifying an A6 Single Mastertrac with an easy conversion kit for gas metal arc welding (GMAW). Furthermore, you able to pre-set and control of welding parameters with the A2-A6 PEK process controller – a digital control system with display menus; 255 different weld sets can be stored.

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