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Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder System

  • Part #: WS406001
  • Condition: Used

Pandjiris Model SWPT-102 Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder

  • HD welding carriage
  • Variable speed (0 – 200 IPM)
  • Twin cyclomatic seam tracking system
  • Twin torches locate on opposing sides of stiffener
  • Open-end gantry style yoke allows loading of stiffener from one end
  • 96″ of weld length
  • Advancement of sheet is readily done with help from pneumatic plate lift rollers that automatically lift part off back-up bar between welds
  • 15 pneumatic hold down clamps and part locators designed to automatically locate and hold “I” or “U” shape stiffener in place on sheet
  • No tooling or jigs necessary for part alignment
  • Back-up bar for heat sink and part distortion control
  • System is capable of feeding aluminum or steel wire using GMAW process
  • Twin 180◦ water-cooled GMAW torches for high production
  • Remote control podium
  • Was used for welding stiffeners for aluminum dump truck beds and bodies
  • Very unique piece of equipment
  • 460 volt – 3 phase
  • Serial number 600-4480

This Pandjiris dual side beam stiffener welder is designed to weld reinforcement ribs like U-shaped stiffeners or I-beams to sheet metal. This machine is equipped with two side beams each with dual torches to provide four welding arcs total. The side beams use this dual torch setup to weld either side of the stiffener simultaneously. This helps prevent the stiffener from twisting or pulling away from the sheet as well as greatly improve productivity. Each of the side beams are equipped with pneumatic hold down devices to locate and hold the reinforcements while welding. When welding is complete, the plate rollers lift automatically to allow the sheet to be advanced to the next weld location.

This machine, as with all the inventory we rebuild comes with a warranty. We also offer training here in our facility at no cost to you. You can choose to buy this or any of our machines in the as-is condition. We just encourage you to come to our facility and inspect the machine before doing so.

The Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder automated welding system is located at Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Customers are always welcome to visit our facility to inspect the Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder and any of the other items in our large inventory of welding related equipment and machines.

Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder
Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder
Pandjiris Model SWPT-102 Dual Side Beam Stiffener Welder

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