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Bug-O Speed Weaver Welding Oscillation Unit

  • Part #: WS160230A

Bug O Speed Weaver – Welding Oscillation

  • Two axis motion control
  • Oscillating Torch Holder
  • Integrated welding torch on/off feature.
  • 18” Rack
  • 115 volt operation
  • Fits all clamp
  • Universal mounting

This device is a stand alone weaving unit for welding applications. The Bug O Speed Weaver Welding Oscillation System is suitable to weld in all positions. You can add mobility when using this with Bug-o’s DC-IV welding tractor and track system. The track can be outfitted with magnets or suction cups to grip most surfaces. The main feature of this unit is the linear oscillation. This lets the operator set a various weave patterns for the welding torch. When the machine is weaving it is typically used for fill and cap passes. With three distinct weave patterns and a straight line setting, this tractor is sure to fit your weld oscillation needs. The device has a variable speed setting for slide movement. The speed is adjustable from 6-150 IPM. The machine also features an adjustable dwell for each side of the weave. The dwell time for each side is independent of one another so that the operator can set a time for each side to achieve proper tie in.

For more information on this versatile Bug-O Speed Weaver Oscillating unit, check out the manufacturer’s brochure here We have a large inventory of track type welding and cutting systems in our used inventory. We have tractors from Bug-O, Gullco, Koike, Linde, Victor, Heath, and more. From flat rigid track to flexible track that be wrapped around curved surfaces, we are sure to have a system to fit your needs. We specialize in simple welding automation which is designed to improve your production. Call us at 1-800-288-9414 to find out more about how Weld Plus can improve your welding and cutting operation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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