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Arc Systems Automatic Pipe Welding

  • Part #: WS601002

Arc Systems Automatic Pipe Welding System

  • System includes a Preston-Eastin HS-2S 2,000 lb.
  • Capacity at 6” center of gravity Headstock with a 20” diameter scroll chuck that has a 6-1/2” thru hole
  • Weldlogic AWS-150 advanced TIG welding system
  • Weld current control
  • Arc distance control
  • Cold wire speed control and feeder and a 1.0 to 150 amp DC power supply
  • Three 6” manual slides for 3 axis adjustment of torches
  • All controls are on a single remote pendant control
  • 230/460 volt
  • Serial #HS2S-13

Arc Systems Automatic Pipe Welding System is for improving your pipe welding fabrication by making welding automation simple. Therefore the system integrates a Preston Eastin headstock with 2,000 lbs of capacity.  In addition, this headstock has a 6.5″ thru hole and a 20″ diameter scroll chuck for part holding. Lastly, the welding equipment is by Weld Logic and includes their AWS-150 advanced welding package. This package comes with a remote operator console, cold wire feeder and an automatic torch height control. The torch is mounted to a series of cross manual slides to give the operator fine control over the X, Y and Z axis. The rotation of the headstock is integrated with the system so that a weld sequence can be set and maintained.

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