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6 Inch Linear Dual Torch MIG Welding System

  • Part #: WS809001

6 Inch Linear Dual Torch MIG Welding System

  • Compak-O-matic Model 440A 
  • 6” maximum welding length
  • Dual torch with up to 13” between the torch heads
  • 6” manual in/out slide for fine adjustment
  • 3” manual right/left fine adjuster
  • 6” stroke in/out indexing table for loading and unloading
  • System includes 2 wire feeders and system controller
  • Welding power supplies not included
  • Serial #GY211

The 6 Inch Linear Dual Torch MIG Welding System by Compak-O-matic is for welding two seams up to 6″ long at the same time. This welding can be done on either side of a flat bar or gusset. By welding both at the same time, the material is less likely to pull. This particular machine has interchangeable fixture plates. This allows the operator to switch between two different products quickly and easily. The fixture tables are on an air shuttle tray that allows them to move in to and out of the welding area for easy loading and unloading. The operator has complete control over the process with the console mounted to the side of the machine. Upgrade this console to the new WPI touch screen master control offered exclusively by Weld Plus.

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