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4 Weld Head Sub Arc Gantry Welding System

  • Part #: WS100546P

4 Weld Head Sub Arc Gantry Welding System

  • Pandjiris Welding Automation 4 Sub Arc Head Gantry Welding System
  • Heavy duty gantry mounted on twin powered travel cars that runs on twin 60 lb. track with 59” between rails
  • 166” side beam with 60” powered vertical lift (currently configured for 36”)
  • Two powered travel carriages each equipped with the following:
    • 2 Lincoln NA-5 heads
    • 2 Lincoln NA-5 controls
    • 2 Cyclomatic mechanical seam trackers
    • Area work lamp
    • Wire delivery from payoff drums.
  • Four Lincoln DC-1000 power supplies
  • Invincible flux recovery system for each head

This is a truly incredible machine. The 4 Weld Head Sub Arc Gantry Welding System is a complete solution for the shop that is welding long length beams. The gantry is setup with four sub arc heads. These heads are arranged in pairs so the welding can take on both sides of a web or stiffener at the same time. This method limits the amount of thermal stresses on the part by applying even heat on the welded structure. With two sets of heads, welding can take place on both ends of the structural I-beam or H-beam to speed up completion. The length capacity for this gantry is virtually unlimited. The unit rides on track which can be built to order for your specific requirements. To further make this machine more mobile, the entire welding process is stored on the gantry. The only cables and hoses that need to run to the gantry are sufficient input power to run the welding equipment and gantry and the necessary shop air to run any auxiliary equipment. Each of the torches have their own seam tracking system. The seam tracking systems are the tactile versions from Cyclomatic. The side beam has a powered elevation feature which allows the carriages and welding equipment to be lifted. This allows the equipment to be moved up and out of the way of any obstructions on the plate or beam. The overhead bridge has enough area to carry the welding power supplies, flux recovery units and drum wire.

Remember, we specialize welding automation systems. We have a large inventory of equipment just waiting for your next welding project. I encourage you to call us and find out more about this very complete 4 weld head sub arc gantry welding system. We also have the equipment to handle the initial stitch welding of your I-beam, H-beam, or structural member.

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