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“1998” Pandjiris Dual-head Beam Welding System

  • Part #: WS171202

1998 Pandjiris Dual head Beam Welding System

  • Pandjiris 26’ Side Beam w/ 22’ weld length capacity
  • (4 ea.) 6’ Stanchions
  • (2 ea.) Variable speed heavy duty carriages
  • 6-180 IPM speed range
  • 4,000 lb. capacity at 12” center of gravity
  • Carriages outfitted with: (2 ea.) Cyclomatic seam tracking systems, (2 ea.) 18” vertical slides, (2 ea.) 6” horizontal slides, (2 ea.) Lincoln NA5R controls/heads and (2 ea.) American WeldQuip water-cooled MIG torches.
  • Serial # 12066E00
  • (2 ea.) Lincoln DC-600 power supplies
  • Pandjiris HTS-60 Head and Tail Stock
  • 24” round table
  • Variable speed rotation
  • 42 ½” to center of rotational axis with current 12” riser
  • Combined weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. at 5” center of gravity
  • Hand wheel beam gripper chucks
  • Tailstock is mounted on a constant speed travel car w/ 9’ of track

This 1998 Pandjiris Dual head Beam Welding System includes a headstock/tailstock that is designed for welding beams or booms of various lengths and thicknesses. With its Cyclomatic seam tracking system it can follow a joint and make adjustments autonomously while welding. In addition, the tailstock is on a travel car to make easy adjustments for various lengths weldments. Also the system is set up as a dual arc GMAW process using two Lincoln NA-5 weld controllers with DC-600 power supplies. The weld process can be easily converted to submerged arc welding if needed. Lastly, we can also adapt the system to operate with cylindrical weldments.

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