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Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck

  • Part #: CH170537
  • Condition: Used

Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck

  •  Model A
  • Outside clamping diameter 1-1/2” to 27-5/8”
  • Inside clamping diameter 5-1/2” to 31-1/4”
  • Quick-set of 3-jaws with pins
  • Serial # 11700X01-6
  • Shipping weight 250 lbs

The Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck has a self-centering mechanism that makes changing parts quick and easy. The three standard jaws with the three ball lock pins supplied with the chuck offer quick self centering of the pipe size diameter. Adjustment of the chuck’s gripper with a few turns of the handle moves the welding chuck jaws simultaneously to self center and lock the pipe or parts into place. A safety device prevents the gripper from being over torqued. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call our sales team, we may be able to help. More often than not we find solutions which involve multiple pieces of equipment. So whether or not you need one machine or several call us, we’ll find the perfect solution for your application! 800-244-9414

Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck
Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck
Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck
Pandjiris Quickset Gripper Chuck

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